Guangzhou Qinfeng Plastic Hardware Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Qinfeng injection molding hardware products Co. Ltd. was established in January 2015 with a registered capital of 2 million yuan. The headquarters of the company is set up in Baiyun District, Guangzhou City with its own production base, comfortable and spacious office environment mature production line, equipped with mold room professional team of design and development. With complete and scientific quality management system, brand-new modern standard production line workshop and warehouse professional and capable technical personnel and dozens of off-line sales supply chain, it is a modern technology-based manufacturer focusing on home appliance accessories with a professional team for product design, R D& injection molding sales and related services. With many brands of washing machine and water heater manufacturers and major enterprises have a long-term mutual benefit and win-win, hand in hand to promote the online and offline supply and marketing cooperation. At the same time in line with the rapid development of the e-commerce era, the company actively develops online sales and supply channels and has achieved remarkable satisfactory performance, which has increased and facilitated the purchase channels and methods of the general public and enterprises.brbrWelcome friends from all walks of life to visit> guide and business negotiation.