Zhongshan Xiaolan Senho Hardware Products Factory

Shen He has had a proud history since its inception in 2003. During the past ten years we have established close and long-standing relationships with our customers and suppliers. Our product brands including GUJU have received strong recognition in the international and domestic markets. Through decades of expansion and advances in technology, we ve developed a comprehensive research ” development capability and substantial production scale which is now the largest in Asia. Shen He is proud to rank among the leading door lockset manufacturers in the world.br but also increase output efficiency.br< Quality Managementbr< Perfect products rely on excellent quality control system and precise inspection apparatus and equipment as they check precision and completeness of each working procedure in the production process. Shen He has strict quality management system and complete inspection apparatus and facilities. Our strict inspection methods use quality measuring tools and we insist on the same high quality self inspection attitude in all our staff. In addition the quality management department has implemented an all-around fixed point control inspection since we believe that only with strict control on quality can we supply our customers with reliability, excellent quality and ensure that customers are satisfied with us for the long term.