Dongguan Huayicai Landscape Technology Company

Dongguan Huayicai Landscape Technology Company,?headquartered in Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, where?enjoys the reputation of “world factory”, has two branches, which are located in Hong Kong, China and Zigong, Sichuan Province.?Our company specializes in the planning, designing, producing and exhibiting of lantern shows, colored lanterns, floats, lighted boats, simulated dinosaurs, landscaping, lighting projects and other festival celebrations.

After years of efforts, our?technical team has been growing, gathering elites in planning and creativity, art design, product development and industry management, and has?a high-quality construction team. The construction team of Huayicai has been to dozens of countries and regions, and our?exquisite production technology and professionalism?are highly affirmed and commended?by the partners.

The corporate culture of “making the world’s festivals more beautiful and interesting” has been turned into the consensus and working guidelines of Huayicai’s staff. Huayicai has successfully held various kinds of lantern shows, exhibitions of stimulated dinosaurs and animals?and floats?and boat parades at home and abroad for more than a hundred times, with a total of hundreds of millions visitors.

Under the environment in which the cultural chain of illumination?is gradually improved,?the company has accumulated a lot of experience in city lighting and beautification, and in creative planning of landscape sculpture in?distinctive resort town. We have successively built landscape lighting for city streets, commercial areas, tourist attractions and theme parks in first and second tier cities in China. Our company insists on building a professional team, refining exquisite skills and being down-to-earth, and has obtained many high-standard qualifications with good quality and years of hard work. We Huayicai Landscape Technology company is a trustworthy partner, and it is a wise choice to choose us to cooperate and win together.