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Cangzhou Dongjun mechanical parts Co. Ltd. was founded in 1980, is located in Hebei province in southeastern China is the main railway line Beijing-Shanghai line, Bohai to the east coast development, production and sales of long-term commitment to a variety of machine tool accessories the main production of various machine tools, machinery use chip conveying machinery protective cover, steel aluminum towline plastic towline, protective cover hose fittings, machine tool pad iron hit all kinds of accessories block groove plate and a series of. Has now become a number of domestic production of machine tool accessories, variety specifications of the whole of one of the advanced enterprises.,br>brDongjun company with more than 20 years of production history> has accumulated many years rich experience in the industry has the specialized design, development development of outstanding technical staff, to ensure product quality and accuracy with the development of market economy, the company also established a sales network system in order to provide efficient product quality, low price to the domestic and foreign market.