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Shaoyang Great Eagle Tools Manufacture Ltd.Co specializing in pliers ,wire pliers combination pliers, diagonal pliers long nose pliers, mini clamp pipe wrench, bolt cutter Nutcrackers and other pliers, hammers, wrenches hardware such as an axe manual tools,etc that has different models to meet your needs products sold at home and abroad.,br Shaoyang Great Eagle Tools ManufactureLtd.>Co is a company that produce innovate, and supply reliable tools which located in the hardware base -industrial yard of Xianchaqiao town Shaodong, Hunan province the transportation is convenient. We focus on produing expert hand tools since estabblished.,br Our Company followed a policy of >customer first” forge ahead business philosophy adhere to the ,customer first” principle of providing our customers with quality service we achieved steady increase in our sales.To face new oppprtunities and challenges” we try to improve our products and management to mke ourself ready to satrt a new chapter.,br Your satisfaction will always be our goal >your suuport will drive us forward !brWelcome to>