Guangzhou Wewin Motor Co., Ltd.

Our company has been working for approximately more than 15 years in selling wooden games. Before establishing our company we sold wooden games independently in Europe, specifically night markets and schools. Eventually we progressed our business to an official company with the help of our closest friends. We provide a wide range of wooden games in terms of puzzles, board games and fun decorations. All of our products are carefully selected in addition to learning each wooden games origins and also how to play. Our product ensures to educate our customers from children to adults depending on their choice of games. For children, we believe that our product could help them by preparing their mental strength and to avoid the usage of technological addiction such as games and YouTube. Some of our games could also help in preparing their education and further studies in universities depending on the type of major they would like to pursue. Our wooden games can promote improvements in extraordinary imaginations and intelligence. In terms of child safety our product is guarantee to be safe since the material is made out of wood which would have less chance in having physical harm in cuts. Hence it would not break easily. Overall, we believe in nurturing young children to excite their creativity and to become the best versions of themselves when they become older. In comparison to plastic games it does not hold the same value or benefits since it can be harmful to children by putting things into their mouth or cause them physical pain or suffering.,br>br>brFor adults> our games can help set a healthy hobbies for time usage or to improve themselves more. Or simply can be used for pure enjoyment. We aim to provide our customers with valuable games that could improve their mental knowledge or use as a beneficial hobby. In addition we treat our customers with the utmost respect and sincerity because our customer,s satisfaction is our top priority in order to gain a closer and reliable connection. During our time in selling wooden games we have communicated and encountered fortunate customers who revealed their own satisfaction in our products. Therefore, we are proud of creating special bonds with our customers with the benefit of our products. We have a diverse group of customers from all around the world including Europe Asia, America South America, Canada Australia, Africa and many more. In terms of product quality it is guaranteed with our certificates of EN71 part 1, part 2 and part 3 in order to prevent any child harm or risks. Our company is passionate in selling wooden games with the background knowledge of each wooden games to ensure reliability. We have our own persona l interest with our wooden game products because it fascinates us since their are a wide range of wooden games products to explore. Therefore we make sure to investigate and provide different and fun wooden games to all age groups of our customers. ,br>brHow our product is produced is by collecting trees which would later be used as woods close to our areas. We believe in helping and saving the environment by being eco-friendly. Therefore after chopping the trees> we would replant the same seeds from previous trees. The collected woods would be delivered to remote workers because we believe in giving opportunities to people who are unable to have jobs. These workers responsibility is to dry off the woods into the sun which helps destroys bacteria in the woods. All of our wooden products has their own unique charm based on their colors and texture made from pure nature. Hence it could also be used as an aesthetic decorations for your home. Our Sanook Wooden Game products is durable and long lasting in which can be used or played any time with no expiration date since it is environmental friendly. These products can also sought customers who have their own particular taste in interior design since our product holds a sense of tactile and classic feel to it.