Shenzhen Hanchuan Industrial Co., Ltd.

WELLWAY Electric Appliance Co. LTD. was founded in 1997, we were the first company in China to produce and sell absorption type guest room minibar. As we mastered this leading world technology in cooling industry WELLWAY participated in formulating the ,Industrial standard for absorption refrigerators of the People”s Republic of China. After 20 years of focusing on technology and marketing development WELLWAY has been becoming the best-selling guest room minibar brand in Chinese market and we has various types of products, including absorption compressor, semiconductor and thermoelectric fridges offers different kinds of options to our clients.,brOur factory is over 25000 square meters and with more than 200 employees. To have better quality control> there are numerous advanced production and testing equipment in our factory up to 96, of spare parts are produced by ourselves. Our products are mostly sold to high level starred hotel around the world always maintain a good reputation and high market share in commercial type guest room electric appliance field. During these years, with quality consistency reliability, and competitive price WELLWAY has been recognized and trusted by world-renowned hotels and hotel management companies.,brWELLWAY has been established for more than twenty years> with stable quality and professional product we do believe our position in cooling industry will be consolidated. Morever, we are confident for more promising future. We will keep offer best service to our client and will not stop our mission to provide higher standard, better quality product to starred hotels famous restaurants and major brands in China and overseas. In the future, we will keep our dominating position in guest room minibar industry expanding market share in customized, family lineup for our clients. Our dream is to offer one-stop solution for all of our clients.