Dongguan Changping Xinqinfeng Electronics Factory

Wuxi Quansheng Textile Co. Ltd., founded in 2011 is specialized in providing upholstery fabrics and home products. We have designed and manufactured a series of innovative products and collections. Now QUANSHENG has a whole line of products from fabrics to finished products, listed as follows :br>brFabrics> QUANSHENG produces sofa fabrics curtain fabrics, home fabrics and out-door fabrics. Fabrics have series of woven non-woven, flock warp and knitting, with different finishing processes like backing, coating pressing, embossing printing and FR. Products cover Suede, trachoma viscose, poly cotton and T,C. /br>brCut and Sew> QUANSHENG produces sofa covers foldable storage ottomans, blankets bedding sets, cushions pillow cases, curtains dog-beds and shopping bags. Foldable storage ottoman is the best-selling one in China. During production and prior shipment, all our products have to pass multi-level quality