Foshan Anadu Building Materials Limited

Located in Anshan new and hi-tech industrial development zone Liaoning AiMu Medical Science , Technology Co. Ltd is a hi-tech medical device enterprise that covers a site area of 53,429.03m2 with an existing plant of 14000 m2 and a plant of 48,000 m2 in construction. It has class 100000 cleaning room for 1000m2, a separated sterile test room a test cabinet and a laboratory with test devices all ready. ,br It has three subsidiaries> which are Beijing AiMu Medical Science Technology Co.& Ltd for National Family Planning Beijing Camity Medical Technology Co., Ltd and Anshan Shengda Medical Science Technology Co.& Ltd. Of all the existing 120 employees 6 people have master degrees, 34 people have bachelor degrees and 33 people have college degrees, 34 people have professional and technical titles which accounted for 38.6, researchers and developers take up 25, proportion. The company has set up a R D center which not only has the ability to research and develop new medical devices but also is in possession of independent intellectual property rights. At present& it owns 16 patents. The R D center is equipped with independent laboratory& sample trial site and semi-works, which have a total area of around 1000 square meters and is equipped with more than 50 laboratory and trial equipments. br advocating the cultivation and development of talents hence to extend corporate culture, promoting people-oriented to let employees make progress together with the company calling for technology innovation to make company advances with the times. We value providing better medical devices for human health; The company dedicates to taking science and technology and innovation as the lead and developing new high-tech products. We take developing new medical device categories as the core plan to realize the important development strategic goal of getting listed in 5,10 years and become a leadinhg high-tech enterprise in the industry at the end.