Dongguan 6ye Electronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Junrong Jiaye Technology Co. Ltd. is a company that integrates R , D production, sales and continuation of German technical lineage continuously optimizes and changes in the field of adult products and big health products, pursues excellence and adheres to providing consumers with all-round application solutions with perfect services.,br>brWith more than 5000 square meters of supporting plants> 200 employees and a technical R D team of more than 15 years& combined with advanced processing and manufacturing equipment and supporting dust-free purification workshop it can meet the needs of consumers for different types of OEM and ODM products,br>brWith more than 5000 square meters of plant> professional tooling department and RD center& Dust-free purification workshop we make different types of silicone and injection molds and products.,br>brWe have many advanced equipment and facility> including EDM spark machine CNC milling machine, injection molding machine silicone automatic hydraulic press, rubber mixing machine CNC cutting machine, RC tape friction machine and so on.brbrCompany mission> Erich peoples healthy lives.’brCompany vision> Deliver excellent made in China products to the people of the worldbrbrBe innovative> be accountableproduce the highest quality products, give our customers exceptionally high levels of servicecare is always our company&s ethos. br