Dongguan Zhiguo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.

Ningbo Fuho Ascend was Founded in 2016 we are very young but full of energy.,brSince start> we have a very clear position on customerswe want to focusing on serving small and medium sized business and we do so. By now we already have more than 700 customers: most of them are E-commerce owners. We have been continuously working to further professionalize our company first and foremost to ensure excellent service for our customers.,br>brWe work together with our customers as a team. For a team one goes that extra mile in every aspect that matters to you and to us> as we fight for a common goal.brbr<1.tYour Product Inventory - we can provide you with the most diverse products and maximize your product category and also we can sourcing at your request which can save much time for you.,br2.>tEcommerce Service – We can serve all your ecommerce requirements including customize packagings, private labeling FNSKU stickers, shipping to Amazon dropshipping from China for shopify sellers.,br3.>t100 Inspection Before Shipment – We have our own warehouse to provide product packing and 100% inspection before shipment ensuring orders coming to you without complications.,br4.>tFlexible Logistic Solutions – You will always get competitive shipping quote from us no matter it,s Fast Commercial Express like DHL UPS Fedex, Air shipment Train shipment Sea shipment or DDP DDU and etc.,br>br>brOur Vision>brWe work together based on a team> wed like to help you grow your business. Your business is our business and we want to take care of our mutual profit.’brEnsure the quality of products and deliver the orders to your warehouse without complications> making the whole sourcing process a lot more easier and safer that,s what we aim to