Hangzhou Canyao Rubber Products Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Wellai Sinho Technology Co. Ltd.The company was established in 2017. Wellai Sinho Technology is a network technology company integrating product development, sales and network development specializes in the category of vibration,healthcare/electronicmotors/silicone products and sex toys. Shenzhen Wellai Sinho is integrating with industry and trade/ we have professional teams or RD&production/packing design/marketing planning. /brIn the production process we aim to be excellent> have strict quality control focus on providing Superior service to our clients. ,brShenzhen Wellai Sinho Technology Co.> Ltd. is an innovative Utopia just to build a stage for dreams, a pure corporate environment and to explore the unique product art and corporate culture with heart, here collide with more insightful people, and more like-minded people Go !brWe will be your most loyal partner> your attention and advice are greatly pleased in the future.