Zhongshan Xinjia Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Jingdian silicone technology Co. Ltd. is a company specializing in the production and processing of silica gel molds,loacte No114Guanlong Road,Dongchen District Donguan city,Guangdong provianceChina.We can product silicone products and any other products. Provide one-stop service from design, mold development and mass production and have a complete and scientific quality management system. The products involve adult products, silica gel shell 3C digital silica gel protective sleeve, kitchen silica gel products industrial silica gel parts, sealing rings and any silica gel products. Dongguan Jingdian silica gel technology Co., Ltd. has been recognized by the industry for its integrity strength and product quality. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation.