Zhongshan Sanmai Lighting Co., Ltd.

AMK was established in Hong Kong in 2015 and established a Shenzhen company in 2016. As one of the leading distributors of electronic components it has a wide range of products, inc.ICsIGBT module ,diodestransistor,resistorcapacitor,thyristor modulerelay .Relying on years of honest management, AMK has strong competitive advantages in talent pool sales network, logistics and warehousing and ERP implementation capabilities. AMK Technology is customer-centric and value-oriented. The company pays great attention to technology promotion and demand innovation, and provides customers with in-depth system integration services. AMK provides cost effective and value-added electronic component sourcing services for world leading OEM and EMS companies. br customer satisfaction is the only reason for the companys existence’ and customer needs are the driving force behind the companys development. We insist on customer-centric’ respond quickly to customer demands continue to create value for customers and satisfy customers. ,brValue-oriented > every staff strive to create value. Correct evaluation of value and reasonable distribution of value are the core of company management. All activities of the company should focus on creating value for customers and the company. The result of value contribution and responsibility is to test each department and each employee. The only standard of work the concept of value distribution of the company is oriented by value contribution, and those employees who have worked hard and contributed to the company for a long time must receive a reasonable and fair return. br