Dongguan Huixie Hardware Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

The factory of Dongguan Huixie Hardware Plastic Products Co. Ltd. was founded in 2013. It is located in dongguan changan town mansion edge community, after more than six years of operation to develop into a product design and development mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding products integration capacity of more than 1000 square factory at the same time undertake mold manufacturing, processing injection molding production, such as orders have complete and scientific quality management system.,brOur factory has more than ten years dedicated to the mold and injection molding master level technical engineers> production equipment the pursuit of high quality, quality return to society is our inexhaustible powerFor more than 5 years; our products mainly focus on medium and large electronic plastic shells most of which are exported to overseas markets and European and American markets. Moreover, we have rich experience in producing plastic accessories for foreign