Shenzhen Ke Xin Wei Ye Electronics Co., Ltd.

A Premier CompanybrbrWith the hard work of our team> Glory Sports has grown rapidly. The annual sales comes up to 4 million US dollar. Our products are being exported to over 20 countries around the globe mainly USA Germany, UK France, Sweden India, Mexico Canada, Malaysia… brbrCombined with the continuous training of team> Glory Sports always strives to introduce new manufacturing facilities and improve updated production processes to ensure the quality and delivery of products which enhances our competitiveness and growth in the sports markets. ,br>brGlory Sports is keeping up expanding the business all over the world on the basis of good reputation from our customers. We look forward to cooperating with each serious potential customer. >br>brA Proud History>br>brNow> The expected sale is 4.3 million US dollar in 2019 brbr2005> With the full preparation we run a new production line to produce Olympic bars. New products came to US and German markets soon which brought fast growth to our business. In the same year, IAAF certificate procured for our javelins. brbr1995> Glory Sports was established and began with the production of javelin. With gradual growth, our production was expanded to all track and field equipment covering discus, shot puts hammers, hurdles etc. At that time, our main customers are top domestic companies in this field.