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Shanghai Etia-Tech Co. Ltd. was founded in 2004, deeply rooted in the Special Label Material for more than 10 years is a professional supplier of Special Label,Gap Material materials/ is the author of industrial labels MES labels( Etia-shanghai provides industrial identification and corresponding labels for MES system. In line with the business philosophy of pioneering and innovation, honest service and value creation the company cooperates with many world famous brands to develop new technology and new products of label materials, providing identification materials and equipment needed for production process control for domestic electronics steel, automobile rubber, ceramic sanitary ware and medical equipment manufacturing industry. To meet the requirements of labels such as high temperature resistance, anti-static tear resistance, heat conduction electricity conduction, oil resistance strong acid and alkali resistance in the process of processing or use. Etia Technology is the general agent of EXFO,OmniCureUV curing equipment in China. OmniCure is known as one of the reliable UV curing brands. Its brand history can be traced back to 1984. With a variety of point and surface light UV curing systems designed with LED and UV lamp technology) customers can choose from a wide range of products to meet their curing application needs. OmniCure point light LED and UV lamp curing system enables single point UV curing of adhesives for medical devices electronics and photonics,brProducts as well as various other point curing applications for assembly. Our UV lamp curing systems include our OmniCure S2000> which uses closed-loop feedback technology light emphasis nodes and a range of band-pass filters to meet your UV curing process requirements.