Zhengzhou South-Diamond Industrial Co., Ltd.

ur company is a major member enterprise of Henan superhard material industry. After years of development and accumulation the company has formed a product series covering synthetic diamond and raw and auxiliary materials, large single crystal diamond powder cubic nitride super-hard abrasives ,grinding wheels and other products. As engineering materials and functional materials) our products are widely used in national defense and military industry aerospace, equipment manufacturing electronic technology, clean energy and other fields of national economy and peoples livelihood. At the same time’ large diamond single crystals are used in the jewelry industry such as diamond ring jewelry to replace natural diamonds. At present the company has a number of registered trademarks of the National Intellectual Property Office. ,SMELT” and “South Diamond” brand abrasive series sell well at China and abroad. “South Diamond” brand large single crystal diamonds have the advantages of good quality and grading standards” and become the preferred brand in the jewelry industry. The company focuses on providing customers with first-class products and services and is committed to achieving the double win situation with shareholders, customers employees and partners. Relying on the company,s platform and innovative advantages in the superhard material industry the company has been deeply involved in the superhard material industry, adhering to the business philosophy of quality as the foundation integrity and development,” and specialization and large-scale production of the superhard material industry and products. As the basis for production focusing on the two main lines of industrial upgrading and consumption upgrading, we will continue to promote the industrial development strategy of consumption industry+. Since the beginning of 2019″ the company has strengthened exchanges and cooperation with domestic and foreign industry enterprises and scientific research institutes and explored and researched new application areas of superhard materials. Committed to becoming a high-quality supplier and service provider of superhard materials.