Nantong Santa New Materials Co., Ltd.

Nantong Santa new materials Co. Ltd. introduced the latest European abrasive technology, focused on the development and production of high performance non woven abrasive products. 99D guarantees his customers the high quality and top performance by selection of the high quality nylon fiber high performance bonding resin and refined abrasive minerals. 99D manufactures and supplies various types of world class Surface Conditioning Nonwoven Abrasive Wheels, which includes Super Performance unitized wheel SP( Light Debur and Polish wheel ,LDP) Debur Excel wheel DEXL( Metal Finishing Wheel ,MF and Resin Cleaning wheel )RC. With its extremely Long durability) excellent surface conditioning performance excellent dynamic balance, excellent thermal resistance capable of serving at heavy loading,critical working condition/ friendly to health and environment 99D,s products applied in various industries in the world gaining more and more reputation.,brSanta also produce top tier trizact abrasive sanding discs> trizact sanding sponge trizact sanding and polishing belts, such as 268X 466L and 317E.,brSanta never compromises to quality> innovation and development and implement of new technologies always devoted to provide the best solutions as well as best value to our customers. We are expecting to cooperate with you and deliver high performance product and the best value to the world.