Shenzhen Bestuo Technology Co., Ltd.

Kaslam located in the ,international light” – the Zhongshan Ancient Town” home lighting products to the core covering engineering lighting, holiday lighting and LED lighting category is a one-stop lighting leading domestic brand. Kaslam lighting research and development of multi category, multi style lighting series from the simple European style industrial lights to the luxury of crystal lamps, all kinds of modern consumers to meet the needs of a variety of lighting. In order to seek a broader space for development the company has made a major shift in marketing model. With rich experience in marketing,Kaslam quickly reached to represent the high level of craftsmanship China lighting industry, lighting industry and China Chizha continued to shake the world. In order to create high-quality lighting products from the inside out Kaslam learn from international advanced design concepts, to ensure the quality of excellent products. The company has a sound management system strict compliance with the quality management system Kaslam lighting, is committed to providing consumers with safe energy-saving, healthy product technology. With the continuous development and evolution of the Kaslam era with the concept of innovation, constantly developing new products and technological innovation to ensure an invincible position in the fierce market competition. At the same time, the headquarters has also set up a strong operation and management team to achieve one to one guide shop operations, with strong headquarters security all-round support investors shop.