Quanzhou Zhongzhi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhongzhi Enterprises was founded in 1989. We consist of Quanzhou Zhongzhi Diamond Tool Co. Ltd. Quanzhou Zhijie Stone Products Industrial & Commercial Co. Ltd, 2003 we founded the quanzhou zhongzhi new material technology Co., Ltd. All we provide one-stop service including manufacturing producing, processing transportation and export.,br>brOur products in diamond tools> For stones granite marble sandstone traveltine…. Range from dia. 800-1600mm Segments: Diamond Multi-saw Blades dia. 105-3500mm Diamond Single saw Blade, GangSaw Blade Diamond grinding wheels, polishing pads Fickert, diamond wires Special-shaped dry Cutter, hot press saw blade Core Drill, For construction cutting tools Concrete saw blade, asphalf saw blade brick saw blade, reinforced concrete saw blade Diamond Wire for concrete, floor saw wall saw, for Ceramic cutting tools saw blade polishing abrasive tools, grinding wheels for ceramic etc.