Guangzhou TERLI New Energy Technology Co. Ltd. was established in December 2018 and is located in Panyu District, Guangzhou. Specializing in technical services equipment research and development, sales and manufacturing in the field of new energy for power systems providing charging solutions.,brTERLI insists on taking science and technology as the guide> integrating channel advantage resources using Internet thinking to redefine equipment production, product operation and user management. Our services cover all fields from car owners to operating service providers. At the same time, we make one-to-one solution for the construction operation and management of new energy charging piles ,stations based on requirement of user for different places and consumption scene ) provide users with a convenient and fast charging experience create good economic benefits for operators, and provide society with a green safe and convenient energy environment.,brAdhering to the concept of >new technology” new thinking new business,” we constantly innovate business thinking and network cognition devote ourselves to new energy charging products, and strive to form a closed-loop business system for product research and development production and sales, installation services and product operations. It is the unswerving mission and direction of TERLI New Energy,