Foshan Fuyin Welding Equipment Co., Ltd.

Foshan City Fuyin Welding Equipment Co., Ltd (Foshan FUDA Hardware Electrical Appliance Factory) is a professional manufacturing and developing company in the field of Welding machine and Automation devices series products. Our factory act on the welding and mechanical specialty technology of Ha’erbin Industry University, and bring in advanced production and management experience from overseas, special manufacturing on various of welding equipment and industrial automation equipment production use.Products mainly include: various of resistance spot projection welder, butt welder, seam welder, stud welder, automatic hydraulic ring bending machine, mechanical ring bending machine, buckle bending machine, automatic wire straightening and cutting machine, wire edge trimming machine, MIG welder, TIG welder etc; The products we manufacture are widely used in hardware, transportation tool, household appliance, electrician, telecommunication and battery industry etc. In each stage of process from product development, production and sales we adhere to make the strict management, control and following National Standards, which is in strict accordance with the requirements of production to ensure product quality and reliability; Resistance spot projection welding machine has passed Certification for China Compulsory Product Certification.”Chase for the best quality and best service” is our goal, we look forward to your phone, fax, email inquiries and visit our factory concerning special designs, samples, specifications requirements and other business enquiries.