Wuxi Yingwang Abrasive And Grinding Machine Co., Ltd.

Wuxi yingwang abrasive abrasive co. ltd. is a professional company integrating the development, processing and sales of coated abrasive abrasive tools and the application and promotion of new products with a history of more than 20 years. Over the years, eagle king people adhering to the concept of create value for you deep in the cutting edge of polishing technology, development of new products promotion of new technology, create new business cooperation model and strive to maximize the interests of the company, customers partners and the community.,brWe maintain close cooperation with famous customers in the following industries> stainless steel coil plate, pipe grinding and drawing stainless steel plate and thick plate grinding, de-oxidation layer Metallurgy and non-ferrous metal casting; precision casting Chemical equipment and metal weld grinding; Precision sheet metal auto parts and coating, Furniture and other bamboo and wood products.br