Wuxi White Pigeon Abrasive Media And Grinding Machine Factory

Wuxi White Pigeon Abrasive Media and Grinding Machine Factory was established in 1999 which is a specialized supplier with rich manufacturing and exporting experience in abrasive industry. The site is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province Southeast China, which is only two hours drive from Shanghai port.”br>brThroughout 20 years of operation> we have consistently employed a customer first spirit to find the best solution. The factory made a great effort to optimize the process line to realize semi-automatization operation. Even more proudly we are dedicated to improve the workplace healthy and safety, where the employee can better to fulfil their responsibilities. The factory now has 85 of employee with 15 years working experience here. The strong commitments introduced offer substantial benefits to improve the productive efficiency The products are manufactured according to high standards% and complying with the international standard criteria. In addition the inert ceramic ball is fully up to the UOP,Universal Oil Products Company requirements.)br>brThe know-how developed and accumulated throughout our history has been well-paid by the customers. The amount of sale aboard has been growing steadily year by year> and this provides a stable basis for annual sale. The old customer cooperation is getting deeper. Specially the domestic sale has been growing quickly in recent years , which is becoming the new sale growth point.