Wincoo Engineering Co., Ltd.

Wincoo Engineering Co., Ltd is an international company engaged in providing automatic welding machine and excellent performacne hydraulic jacking system on tank construction, automatic workshop type and containerized type pipe spool fabrication system by high efficiency CNC cutting, profiling, fast beveling, fitting-up machine and automatic welding machines, fast pipeline construction equipments with facling machine, clamping machine, orbital welding machine, pressure vessel production line with manipulator welding machine, rotators, pressure vessel gouge and grinding machines,also are able to provide more suitable pipe production lines,wind tower tubular production line.Meanwhile,We has also built very good partnership with other related manufacturers which support us to better serve our client.We wish a trail and small order to built our trust and reputation with you.Our Business Motto: Friendly and Actively to Serve client with Better quality and Suitable Product;