Wuxi Yinli Abrasive Trade Co., Ltd.

Here at Wuxi Yinli we,ve cared a lot about abrasive products over for 10 years.br000000 in the recent 5 years and now over 80, of our products are exported around the world such as Japan South Korea, Thailand Malaysia, India The USA, Canada Mexico, Brazil Australia, Russia Germany and West Asia etc. ,brThe demand from customers for improved surface finishes drove us to delve deeply into the field of abrasives. We have become very knowledgeable in the field of abrasives and manufacture Flap Discs> Cleaning Discs Surface Conditioning Discs, Quick Change Discs Sanding Belts, and Resin Fiber Discs. Our products are used to grind cut, blend and polish metal and a variety of other materials. Each of our products performance is outstanding and is priced extremely competitively.,brWe hope you>ll explore our site to learn more about our products markets, applications as well as how we can customize made-to-order solutions that work specifically for you.br