Huizhou City Zhongkai High-Tech Zone Kangxin Abrasive Material Processing Department

Kangxin abrasive Materials Co. Ltd. was founded in 2003, is a research and development production and processing, sales of non-woven abrasives enterprises. We uphold that quality is the life of the enterprise all raw materials are imported. Since its inception, the company has excellent machinery and equipment and professional technical personnel perfect management and sales service, as well as excellent quality good reputation, deeply recommended and trusted by peers manufacturers and machinery manufacturers.,brAt present> the company mainly produces H-Kang brand high-quality and high-tech nonwoven grinding brush roller metal grinding brush roller, woodworking grinding brush roller paint grinding brush roller, PCB grinding brush roller aluminum wire drawing brush roller, winding wheel hand-held wire drawing machine wheel, flying wing wheel nylon polishing wheel and imported high-quality industrial clean cloth 60mm color 200T, factory price direct sales quality assurance.