Hangzhou Welping Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

To help customers success in the field of plastic pipe jointing, WELPING had been focusing on thermoplastic welding equipment developing, manufacturing and selling for more than 15 years. We aim to bring industrial level design, performance and quality together, to help you build reputation. To suit different welding applications and market requirements, we are offering differnt level items represented by brand WELPING, YOVIDA and Deruibao. Brand Deruibao enjoys a high reputation in the market of China, benefiting from the steady product quality and performance. Thanks to our experienced engineers, WELPING can help you to quickly decide OEM and ODM requirements. At the same time, we are improving and updating products line to better suit field requirements.WELPING knows the importance of fast delivery for our customers. To better shorten production lead time, we consolidate critical production process into self-management, like die casting, metal fabrication and process, powder coating etc. Standard items and light-OEM items, WELPING can finish in around 10-15 days.