Shenzhen Huanyu Ruisheng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Chungkong Ad-Mart Co. Ltd. ,China )Chungkong for short is one of the most professional and biggest ad-supplies providers in China.)brOur company is a highly professional and experienced manufacturer of sign light box and Display>PanelGraphic or Accessory in China. We manufacture and supply a wide range AD-mart to customers across the world.,brOur products cover tens of series with thousands of sorts> involving Chungkong OKE, McKAL HUACAI, KOMEIL and other domestic well-known brands. brbr Chungkong was the first chain enterprise established under the official approval of government in the ad supplies industry. We are a member of the China Chain Store > Franchise Association CCFA( and the director of Guangdong Chain Operations Association. We have set up chain stores and subsidiaries in many cities in China such as Guangzhou Shenzhen, Shanghai Beijing, Tientsin Nanking, Hangzhou Wuxi, Xiamen Quanzhou, Changsha Wuhan, Zhengzhou Taiyuan, Chengdu Kunming, Chongqing Guiyang, Zunyi and Xian” we have the biggest sales and service network for ad supplies in China. With the abundant products professional experience and enormous service network, we become the outdoor advertisement provider and business designer for many big companies in China. Chungkong has succeeded in being the VI cooperator of many well-known companies such as SINO-CHEM, PetroChina China Mobile, China Telecom Wal-Mart, Trust-Mart China Merchants Bank and Beijing Hyundai. ,br>br Chungkong was granted as >Official Example Company of China Foreign Trade Enterprise System” by the Ministry of Commerce of PRC” and rated at AA Credit Rating Enterprise by China Foreign Trade Enterprise Credit System Expert Evaluation Committee. Our business extent to many countries and regions all over the