Roctech Machinery Co., Ltd.

As one of the manufacturers of CNC Router in China, we have a very comprehensive global network. Our routers have been selling to more than 7 0 countries all over the world. We have advanced technology for 5-axis CNC machining centers, 4-axis machining centers, 3-axis machining center, panel furniture production line machine including auto-feeding CNC machine, edge banding machine and PTP which bring you more convenience and easy operation experience. Our machines are generally used for car mould making, all kinds of big size pattern making, wood working for doors, cabinet and advertising as well. Especially our furniture production line can realize automatically uploading and downloading, automatically Nesting, optimizing cutting orders, drilling, to maximum the productive, producing one set of kitchen cabinets within 30 minutes.We have already got CE certificate. We have a professional R & D team. Our panel furniture production line machine are designed and built at our own factory. In the past years, we have been trying with failures as well as success. So our CNC routers are able to work with more stability and longer life performance.Count on Roctech to be with you and your CNC Routers, to offer you an excellent quality machine that will work for decades, and to continue to support you for coming years, which has been testified by thousands users of Roctech CNC Routers.