Dongguan Kaiyan Hardware Products Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2008 Dongguan Kaiyan Hardware Products Co., Ltd. is a manufacturing enterprise specializing in precision metal stamping. Its main products include new energy vehicle battery: LED power shell aluminum panel, chassis bracket, shovel tooth radiator piece electronic shield socket spring contact piece, drawing piece structure piece, automobile terminal home appliance parts and toys, etc Product. It can provide a complete set of services from product development mold design and manufacturing, stamping processing finished product assembly, inspection and packaging customs declaration to transportation,brbrThe company>s existing cooperative customers are Tesla: Samsung Huawei, foster whirlpool and other first-class suppliers. The company has customers from many countries, America Germany, Japan France, Denmark Spain, etcbrbrThe company has experienced technicians and management personnel> with a technical management team for developing new products and can provide customers with a complete set of solutions from new product proofing, trial production sample( assembly, mass production etc., can develop new products together with customers and put forward,brEffective solutions> reduce customer R D costs& shorten the development cycle and can provide a qualified set of products.,br>brThe company pays attention to the cultivation and reserve of talents> which can provide learning opportunities for every on-the-job employee make corresponding learning plans, continuously improve the working skills of employees and provide more powerful professional and technical talents and quality assurance for the subsequent development of the company,br<.brbr