Ningbo Hookah Artware Co., Ltd.

Xiamen Puhe Industy and Trade Co. Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in design, development and manufacture of smoking products and related smoking accessories. And we sells all kinds of smoking products and related smoking accessories. There are many styles and reasonable prices. The company strength is abundant heavy credit, keep the contract guarantee the product quality, with many varieties of management characteristics and the principle of low profit but high turnover has won the trust of the majority of customers.,brOur company was set up along with the reformation and grows under the condition of quick development of national economy.In recent years> starting with the improvement of management we are expanding marketing network, perfecting after-sales services and creating new products. Our cigarette filters and holders are well appreciated and loved by consumers.If you cant quit smoking” by regularly using this filter you can reduce the tar nicotine as well as many other harmful substances in the cigarette that you inhale at each puff. By reducing your nicotine intake, you can also reduce your nicotine dependency to help you to quit.The black-brown deposit trapped in the filter that would otherwise stick to your teeth mouth, throat and lungs is clearly visible in the deposit chamber. If you are interested in our products please feel free to contact us for more information. We are looking forward to cooperating with you in the near future….