Dongguan Zechao Hardware Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Established in recent years our company is an organized company. Our general manager and research and development team have been working hard in the hardware industry for many years and our master has many years of practice experience. ,br>brNow our company has research mold department> mould department die-casting department, the front department polishing department, paint department and packing department specialized in mold design, development die casting and polishing. We have established a special research and development system to process hardware electronic components such as D -SUB, HDB series of zinc alloy shell SCSI connector, HDMI shell SCART shell, computer connector suitable for computer peripheral accessories equipment, cable power supply, PBC and other connectors. Our company is headquartered in Changping Town Dongguan. ,br>brOur company has a complete and scientific quality management system> and adheres to the principle of quality first customers first, to win credibility in the industry. We will abide by the objective of “the good faith” the customer is supreme and the concept of ,dedicated” concentrated and professional, to provide high-quality products and services. We welcome friends from various circles to have visit” guidance and business negotiation. Our factory directly sells D – SUB assembly metal shell HDB zinc alloy shell and D – SUB metal, SCSI connector HDMI shell, SCART shell D – SUB plastic assembly shell, DB fast shell and D – SUB iron shell at factory price.