Hebei Tianchuang Pipe Co.,ltd.

Hebei Tianchuang Pipe Co., Ltd. was invested and founded by Xinfangsheng Holding Group, and is one of the key projects in Hebei Province. It is located in Handan, a city seated at the junction of Shanxi, Hebei, Shandong and Henan and known for its prolonged history and profound culture and for its surprising steel production. The company enjoys very advantageous geographical location, since it is close to the national highway 107# and has very well-developed transportation networks, including the Beijing-Hong Kong -Macau Express Road, the Daqing-Guangzhou Express Road, the Qingdao-Lanzhou Express Road, and the railway systems that can reach almost every city in China.The company has a total land coverage of 500 Chinese Mu, and is planned in two phases. Currently, the phase-I project has been completed. The company has over 1,800 employees, including 12 senior engineers and 150 technicians working in a number of workshops, including the cutting workshop, the longitudinal welded pipe workshop, the hot galvanization workshop, the steel pipes of complex plastic workshop, the transport facility workshop, the hardware hot dip galvanization workshop, and the large metal piece rack plating workshop. The company has successfully introduced the most advanced production equipment and facilities in Chinese markets as well as eddy-current testers, salt spray test chambers and other inspection and testing equipment. Currently, the company has 12 welded pipe production lines, 4 corrugated beam guardrail sheets press modeling lines, 11 hot dip galvanization lines, 1 powder coating and PVC coating line, 7 fully automated fastener hot dip galvanization line, 2 hardware hot dip galvanization lines, and 2 automated large rack plating lines, realizing yearly production of 1.2 million tons of various types of products. The company always sticks to its development principles of large scale, specialization and brand building. Now, the company products under “Tianyi” brand are extensively sold in all domestic markets in China as well as in overseas markets, such as Middle East, Africa, Europe, South America, and Southeast Asia, and have been highly recognized by construction units.The company holds to its operating philosophy of “Quality, promise keeping, mutual respects and benefits” and is devoted to building a century enterprise and to promoting the advancement and development of the industry!