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Anhui COMBINE Technology Co. Ltd. is a leading producer of batteries in China.,br>brWHAT WE DO>brbr>brQUALITY ASSURANCE>brCOMBINE>s quality department maintains records on each and every component and battery pack for ten years. All components that are used in battery packs undergo full incoming inspection to insure that they are compliant with all associated drawings. Component vendors are required to provide a certificate of conformance with every shipment and are maintained on file. All battery packs are subject to final inspection before packaging. Records are maintained for each battery including cell lot information weld pull tests data and other key information.,br>brBattery Testing > Quality ControlbrbrR>D Electronic Designbrbr>brOur intelligent electronic systems allow batteries to manage their own charging both efficiently and safely while on-board fuel gauges provide equipment with accurate real time runtime information. COMBINE has been developing these intelligent battery systems for over 10 years and have built up considerable expertise which we distil into each new battery design.>brWe cater for all sizes of battery> from the smallest single cell solution with simple electronic protection through to large high voltage batteries with active cell balancing impedance tracking fuel gauging and tiered protection systems.,br>brAll of our battery electronics are designed in house to ensure that protection> fuel gauging and even the physical PCB itself are designed around the required battery performance parameters. This approach means that you get the maximum performance safety and functionality out of each battery. There are no unforeseen communication errors, no brown-outs at peaks of demand no failure of critical components at extremes of temperature and no oversized PCBs taking up space and making the battery ,and your device larger than it needs to be.)br>brSensitive Li-Ion batteries are usually equipped with an intelligent battery management system to maximize the operational reliability and life of these batteries. These batteries are used in intelligent applications in which they communicate with the end device or with the charging station and exchange information such as current> voltage residual capacitance, temperatures charging cycles,