Hubei July Industrial And Trade Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Solare Technology Co. Ltd is a professional manufacturer for high quality solar products manufacturer.,br>brIn Shenzhen Solare> we specialize in designing and manufacturing solar products including folding solar panels for charging digital devices or vehicles. Our strong engineeringmanufacturing power have gained lots of positive appreciations from customers and helped our customers stay competitive in their price-driven market. ,br>brSince our start> we have grown from a small home-based office into factory with two production lines over 50 skilled employees, modern progressive cloth-sewing equipments and production assembly line. Our honest attitude and long-term vision has made us a company with good credits in this industry. ,br>brSpanning two production lines> we have capability in producing high quality folding solar panels suitable for charging digital devices including mobile phones, PSP laptop, power banks and also for vehicles etc, portable solar lights suitable for home lighting, camping travelling, or streetgarden lighting application etc.. With our responsible production we have over a 40-year-experience chief engineer, other rich experienced engineers QC staff and production team standby helping you solve your any challenging problems in ODM service from product design, prototyping tooling to fabrication, and also OEM service with your branding. br