Wuxi Cmoto International Trading Co., Ltd.

Gelon Focus on manufacturing and selling of new materials anode( cathode separator, additive etc. for lithium ion battery) and also offer full sets of materials solution to customers. Our preponderant products are Lithium Iron PhosphateLFP( Lithium Manganese Dioxide,LMO) Lithium Cobalt OxideLCO( Lithium Nickel Manganese Cobalt Oxide,NMC) Lithium Nickel Aluminum OxideNCA( Lithium Titanate Oxide,LTO materials) Graphite materials MCMB( Separator , Other accessories SBR CMC NMP PVDF(Sup-LiAl,Ni Tabs etc for new power lithium ion batteries. )br>br Gelon have own lithium ion battery factory who mainly produces lithium ion battery for camera> mobile EV application. Based on our battery production line, we can offer all services Raw Materials( Equipments Production line design ,Technology etc. , for full set of equipments to help clients to set up Lab Pilot line for lithium ion battery. &br>br Bynow> Gelon have finished many turn key project in BoliviaIndonesia, Indian Russia,Turkey and South Africa br