Guangzhou Great Year Laser Technology Co., Ltd.

GYC Laser is Striving for manufacturing laser machines for steel and metal fabrication. Was established in 2009, with two manufacturing plant area of 18000 sqm and serving over 2,000 customers. It is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and manufacturing industrial laser equipment. The main products are fiber laser cutting machine for sheet metal and steel tube laser welding machine and laser cleaning machine, application industries automotive hardware sheet metal fabrication, equipment manufacturing HVAC ductwork making, cabinets home appliances, kitchen utensils production sports equipment, medical equipment food machinery, logistics equipment advertising equipment manufacturing, metal crafts elevator manufacturing, door and window production etc. ,br>brGYC laser has a professional independent core research and development team> including mechanical engineers electrical engineers, industrial designers and other professional teams. Relying on mature RD advantages& GYC Laser has a comprehensive grasp of core technologies such as systems precision cutting heads, and transmission systems.brbrGYC laser equipment has been exported to the United States> Germany Italy, Turkey Mexico, Colombia Peru, Thailand Vietnam, the Philippines India, Iran Egypt, Algeria and other 80 countries and regions around the world and has been highly recognized and regarded by customers in different industries.,br>brGYC laser believes only continuous innovation and excellence can push this career to the highest point one by one> Striving for the efficient laser solutions.