Guangzhou Minder-Hightech Co., Ltd.

Guangzhou Minder-Hightech Co.Ltd,MINDER-HIGHTECH CO.LIMITED HONGKONG is focused on connection)welding.)br We are comprised by a group of high educated specialists>with the leader of overseas professor some of us have more than 20 years welding experience,our goal is to provide high performance product but low price and exceeded< We care for the safety of operator this year, we developed a safety system in spot welding industry named SOFT TOUCH systemwhich can prevent heavy pinch point injury.,br We are specialized in most of the connection>welding technics)the most application we have participated in are electronic componentresistance(capacitorinductor,chip on board,automotive electronic accessoriescell phone,IC cardsmotor armature commutator etc.By material, we have engaged in connecting the Aluminum Copper, Brass Au,gold) Platinum Nickel, Enameled wire etc.,br We also provided the full IC package line> and LED producing line Crystal oscillator producing line; as well as the wafer machining< Our product are classified into resistance spot weldinginverter seam welding, ultrasonic wire bondinghot bar soldering,automatic TIN solderingstud welding, all the product are with mature latest technologyhigh performance,high precisionand high reliability.,br At the same time> we maintain a good relationship with the high school scientific research institutionwe know the newest connection,welding technology direction all over the world) committed to give out the best connectionwelding( solution to our global< We chose the most open and industrialized city-guangzhou-to be our base head placeto ensure the efficiency and rapidly response.,br These years>we proud of our growth with the famous company such as TPTK,SASM,BoschMiyachi,UniteckAvio,ApolloLPKF etc.