Shenzhen Lei Kang Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Specialists in customization and ODM servicesbrbrShenzhen Leikang Laser Science >Technology Co. Ltd was established in 2007 and has been specializing in laser making machines and laser welding machines for the past 10 years. Our company owners started their business in a studio flat in 2004, but grew the company enough to reincorporate it three years. We have worked steadily to improve our expertise as we navigated through the various changes within our industry.,br>brR>D Partners with Huazhong University of Science Technology&brWe have a highly skilled technical development team partnered with Huazhong University of Science > Technology. We developed many high-quality products such as laser manipulator mold welding machines CO2 laser marker machines, automatic laser welder machines and other machines. They are widely used in the production of electric components gifts, communications equipment electric appliances, construction material packaging of food and medicines, PVC materials IC integrated circuit, crafts semiconductors and more.,br>brExporting Products Worldwide>brOur products are exported to many countries such as Australia> Pakistan India and other locations worldwide. We can meet high-volume orders, and offer excellent after sales services to our costumers.brbrInquire today to begin sourcing from us.