Xiamen Taixing Machinery Electronic Co., Ltd.

Xiamen star too mechanical and electrical co. LTD., founded in August 2009 the main focus on, vacuum pump vacuum unit, vacuum system helium mass spectrometer leak detector, molecular pump lubricating oil, diffusion pump vacuum measuring instrument, water ring vacuum pump screw vacuum pump, roots pump diaphragm pump, corrugated pipe and connector vacuum parts, consumables dry ice cleaning machines and other kinds of vacuum industry. More than 10 years in the company,s technical efforts have become a vacuum research vacuum development, production of vacuum equipment professional company more than 1000 specifications from rough vacuum to ultra high vacuum, from single pump to unit from the acquisition of equipment to application equipment research and development production capacity.,brVacuum products involve a number of scientific research to industrial applications> including high energy physics semiconductor industry, the chemical and physical analysis vacuum coating, heat treatment medical equipment, food packaging building materials, electrical appliances coal washing, vacuum deaeration sewage treatment, hospital and laboratory electric power, metallurgy textile, bathroom blister, molds freon, papermaking and many other industrial applications.