Dongguan Yangling Electronics Trading Co., Ltd.

Dongguan Yangling E-Business Trading Co. Ltd. ,brenjoys a high reputation among customers. We are mainly engaged in the production of various SMT equipment> SMT consumables and SMT lubricating oil and cleaners. We have an 800-square-meter production workshop and are able to research develop and produce all kinds of SMT nozzles, accessories and mechanical feeders vibration feeders and electric feeders. We also make products according to your requirements.,br >brWe are a company with specialized features. Our logo was designed as a colorful halo shape by using the name of Yang Ling directly. Letters YL are surrounded by it to indicate that we are more generous in treating our customers> visitors and co-workers. At the same time yellow stands for wealth and harvesting, red stands for passion and victory purple represents courage and insight; blue halo represents infinite tolerance and environmental