Shenzhen Tete Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

Founded in 2012 King Song Intell Co., LTD specialized in producing power bank protection boards all made within our own SMTsurface-mount technology( factory. Prior to the founding of King Song the company had already acquired 10 years of SMT and OEM PCB development, the skills that we have acquired has allowed us to gain a leading edge over our competitors in producing high quality green personal electric vehicles such as electric scooters electric bikes and electric unicycles. Since 2017, we have met the standards of ISO 9001 management systems we ensure we meet our clients every expectation. ,br>brKing Song Intell Co.> LTD includes 11 departments ensuring our products are designed with our customers in mind the in-house 11 departments help innovate, produce manufacture, and test the vehicles from start to finish. Utilizing the close relationship King Song has with its partners and riders were able to turn dreams into reality we take on other personal electric vehicle ODM projects for companies around the world. King Song,s core principle has always been safety combined with our SMT protection boards we can ensure the highest quality of components to change the way people move from A to B with a variety of fun green personal electric vehicles, from electric unicycles EUC( to E-scooters to eliminate the growing urban congestion issue, an enjoyable outdoors vehicle and a machine that integrates seamlessly with urban life.