Shenzhen Yeerfid Technology Co., Ltd.

The RF DISTRIBUTION thanks to the twenty-year experience of its owner Mr. Rossano Fontanella, is in charge of producing and distributing many gift items mainly Greeting Cards, Origami Origami Color, PopUp Sluppica and Anekke. Products of excellent manufacture, original and designed for all customer needs. Not just tickets but articles made with the best of three-dimensional paper production technique, Kirigami and Pop never before presented on the market born from the collaboration with the giant Universal Picture. The greeting card ,TELL IT WITH A FILM” “DILLO CON UN FILM” which is the only ticket in the world with agift inside” its a gift itself” The gift is a DVD of an original Universal Picture film to be chosen from a list of 24 historic titles for children, adults and for the whole family. Fun and catchy original graphics DVD included an irresistible product that is having the success that we expected.