Refinno (Suzhou) Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Refinno (Suzhou) Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of non-woven production equipment. We are committed to providing customers with more advanced, reliable, intelligent, energy-efficient, environmentally-friendly, and economical non-woven equipment solutions.Refinno was established in 2012. The main business is a new set of air-through bonded non-woven fabrics, spunbond non-woven fabric, spunlace non-woven fabric production lines ,and supply other unit equipment such as carding machine , Spunlace & Sponbond & ATB slitters, winders ;Fabric inspection machines, air-through bonded non-woven fabric ovens etc.Refinno has passed the I S O 9 0 0 1 quality management system, I S O 1 4 0 0 1 environmental management system, I S O 4 5 0 0 1 occupational health and safety management system.Refinno has a research and development team composed of senior experts who have been engaged in process engineering, mechanical and electrical aspects for many years in non-woven fabric manufacturing enterprises, focusing on the improvement of air-through, spunbond, and spunlace non-woven fabric equipment and processes.Refinno can provide customers with products and services from the whole process of project planning, equipment configuration, process engineering, product innovative development and machine retrofits.We continue to provide new and existing customers such as Sateri Group ,Zhejiang kingsafe, Anhui Jinchun, Hangzhou Nbond, XiAn Five Rings Group, Beijing Dayuan, Guangdong Goodfeeling, Beijing Jinglan, Zhejiang Zhenbang, Fujian Guanhong, Jiangsu Shengfang, Shanghai Fengge Products and services.