Changzhou Kaide Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Kaide Environmental Technology Co. Ltd. is a specialized manufacturing enterprise of dryers granulation machines, mixers grinding machines and supporting equipments. At present, we are able to offer you one-stop service from selection consultation design and manufacture to installation and commissioning.,brThere are many fields for the designing of Drying equipments> at present our products are mainly involved in, drying of chemical materials and intermediates processing of agricultural and sideline products, drying of fruits and vegetables drying of food materials and intermediate products, drying of dairy products drying of pesticides, drying of dyes Pigment& feed drying drying of pharmaceutical materials and intermediates, metallurgical equipment Dust removal equipments of steel factories, granulating coating of medicines and foods shot blasting and granulating, as well as the mixing of materials grinding, sieving and other ancillary in a sense is a successful corporate culture enterprise development Cade positioning and service project planning, not only from the history and structure of resources Cade but from the company based on the development of the Fast 21 Dryer century mechanical industries. ,brIntegrity> win-win is a solid foundation for development of the company we are committed to stable sales product quality, dedicated to the development of a comprehensive solution. We provide customers with good faith compliance services to ensure customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit of quality of service standards we believe that service is to maintain the competitive advantage of a great weapon.,brEnterprise>s goal :brDoing fine and stronger Dryer> determined to become the leading Dryer mechanical engineering manufacture and installation enterprise of complete sets of projectsbr products and services to achieve business and personal valuebr creativity honesty, courage br needsbr quality for win brbrProduct concept> br br to meet customer needs and provide quality products and services.brbrbr