Hefei Balom Technical Development Co., Ltd.

Balom Group was founded in 2004 which is a manufacturer of kitchen cabinets,wardrobes bathroom vanities, home furniture countertop stone, cabinet units etc. Our company focuses on OEM production, RD& design and dream home customization. We have won more than 3000 projects in commercial and residential home furnishings through over 16 years, development and cooperated with more than 30 famous brands for more than 10 years in the real estate industry. Balom has always been committed to researching and developing high-quality products. With the new concept of the whole cabinet and house customization entering the market Balom enhances its production capacity step by step. ,br>brWe imported German HOMAG and Italy BIESSE automatic production lines to ensure each detail during the production> and high-quality request. We also use imported Class E1 and E0 raw materials including particle board, OSB panel plywood and MDF under the strict quality control system.The goal is to provide high-quality, safe high-end luxury aesthetic products with the most competitive prices. ,br>brBalom>s products are well accepted by customers in different countries including the USA, the UK France, Austria Poland, Switzerland Germany, Australia New Zealand, Japan Malaysia, Ecuador South Africa, Pakistan Iran and Saudi Arabia. Due to our good quality, competitive price completed quality control system, good design and more than a decade proven performance, Baloms products enjoy high reputation in the national market. ‘br>brBalom Group was founded in 2004 and established an advanced> intelligent br500000 USD importing German HOMAG equipments and Italian BIESSE equipments in 2006.,brIn 2008> Balom manufactured a total area of 500000 in cabinet, won 52 project bids and cooperated with 3 famous brands in real estate industry.brbrBalom>s factory upgraded to a dust-free workshop and was awarded the China Environmental Labeling Product Certification in 2018.