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Kangmao is the largest shopping bag manufacturer and exporter in China. Thanks to its perfect quality management and sophisticated production technologies Kangmao is the leading supplier in bag industry.,brKangmao can use all kinds of soft materials to produce various shopping bags.>brThe main fabric includes cotton >normal cotton organic cotton, recyclable cottonbetter cotton, linen, woven PP fabric polyester fabric, PVC and PET recycled from plastic bottle( and various compound materials laminated non-woven fabric( laminated PP fabric and laminated PET fabric. There are also compound paper shopping bags and biodegradable kraft bags. Kangmao can also produce cotton and canvas fabric.)brWith increasingly growing market demands> Kangmao launched a joint venture in October 2008.This joint venture mainly produce all kinds of laminated fabric such as non-woven laminated fabric laminated PET fabric and laminated PP fabric.,brThe shopping bags are characterized by excellent workmanship> exquisite print accurate weight, even fabric thickness good texture and fast speed. The products are moisture-proof, breathable pliable, light flame-retardant, easily degradable non-toxic, nonirritant colorful, inexpensive and recyclable products. br foldable bags knapsacks, pockets makeup bags, pencil bags paper bags, book covers aprons, gloves and outfits. br from the Chinese market to the global market Kangmao has made eye-catching achievements in development. ,brRelying on its solid strength and people-oriented management philosophy> Kangmao has built a long-term partnership with Wal-Mart Carrefour, Disney Coca Cola, HELLO-KITTY and