Jinhua Joya Garments Co., Ltd.

Xinxiang Pan Chao Instrument Co. Ltd. is a collection of development, design production, sales and after-sales service as one of the professional chemical glass instrumentation production company. Our company specialized in manufacturing quartz sight glass quartz glass tube, quartz flange high borosilicate glass mirror, high borosilicate glass tube tempered sight glass, level gauge glass plate stainless steel flange sight glass and so on.,br>brOur company produces glass mirror products in line with industry standards> with a clear transparency beautiful appearance, small tolerance high pressure high temperature, anti-crack and other advantages, widely used in metallurgy chemical, coal heavy industry, shipbuilding And other fields. Successfully build ,PCHAO” brand industrial mirror glass.”br>brAdvanced production equipment and a number of production lines to ensure product quality and production. Professional team of engineers to create high-precision instrument products> and to undertake glass mirror as the glass mirror, such as non-standard products such as custom processing. Professional packaging division and long-term cooperation in the freight forwarding company so that our products are safe and intact, transportation is convenient price is reasonable.